Rev. Guy Shields

Guy Shields is a man who had become somewhat of a legend during his life. Born on a homestead outside of Jacksboro, Texas in North Texas.

He was a committed man determined to make the most of the call of God on his life. He was a Church planter, moving from town to town throughout the south, the west coast, and on up to Washington state. He preached on street  corners, tents, houses, or anywhere he could be accomidated.

Brother Shields felt strongly about the importance of training new ministers before they went out into the ministry they were called into. He started Bible schools in Topeka, Kansas; Amarillo, tx; Ft. Worth tx; and was one of the founders of Southwestern Assembly of God college in Waxahachie.

Guy Shields left the Assembly of God movement he was so closely ministering through to start a new ministers organization dedicated to helping and supporting fellow ministers wherever the could be found.

Guy Shields died actually preaching behind the Pulpit while traveling through New England in 1962.