Our Vision

The vision of the World Bible Way Fellowship is to serve as a spiritual covering of ministerial pastoral care, fellowship, nurturing and empowerment to its members throughout the world.

The Fellowship is to provide pastoral care as a minister's minister who can encourage, share wisdom, experience and pastoral care to hurting hearts of pastors who have no one else to whom they can turn.

The Fellowship is to provide fellowship that will serve to dispel the awesome loneliness of a local pastor who is among his people but can never be one of his people.

The Fellowship is to provide nurturing from another credible minister of like precious faith. There is an element of a Timothy in every minister and an element and a penchant for a Paul in all seasoned ministers.

Empowerment is a "must" from a "covering father" influence. An encouraging word of faith becomes empowerment when a minister has been surrounded by the negativity of loneliness, isolation and continued weariness from warring against the evil in this world.

And everyone needs something to which they can belong, be a part of and to which they can contribute.