Miracles still happen!

August 20, 2013

Carl and Mary Skrobrak are believers in miracles. They sent us this testimony:

Our daughter Deborah, age 41, was told today that she is cancer free. Last december she was told she had only one year to live! God is awesome! She still needs prayer for her immune system. The chemo literally destroyed it. Thank you for your prayers.

A generation of doubt
It seems more and more Christians seem to feel that the days of miracles are behind us. They are stories that happened to previous generations.
We live in a generation that always wants proof. The sad fact is that even if we experience a profound miracle by the hands of God, When we share the experience to others in our own churches, they find it hard to attribute it to the Holy Spirit. 
Allow me to share an example. Two years ago my wife told me she found a new lump. 
We had already been through the nightmare of breast cancer. Our hearts racing when the doctor asked us to come into her office so she could share the test results. Desperate prayers going up. The Surgery. The chemo. The radiation. The intense sickness. Holding each other and praying. Fear at two in the morning when I check to see if this pale, sick woman in bed with me is still alive.
Now, two years later, she finds a new lump. This one is growing even faster than the first one. The doctor shakes his head and says there is not just one lump, but two. He will try to get her in the hospital within two weeks.
No way. We will not allow this to happen again. We stand together with everyone in our church and pray. We pray. Hard. We stand on Gods word and declare the promise that is ours if we want it. We believe!
By the time we get home, my wife declare that the large lump has gotten smaller. The next day it is obvious to both of us that the lump is much smaller. Within a couple of days we can hardly even feel it. We declare Gods has healed her. We let people in our church know. 
Quietly, our Christian friends insist she still go to the hospital. But we know that there is no need. God has healed her.
A week later the doctor calls personally to ask why we never made an appointment to go the hospital. I tell him of our miracle. He is quiet for a moment and then explains that sometimes these things can go to deep to be felt. He lets me know it would be irresponsible not to at least get it checked out.
A month later my wife goes in to her regular doctor for her annual check up. They do an ultrasound, shrug, and say they aren't sure what the doctor saw before, but there is nothing there. That is two years ago.
God does heal. He still does miracles.
When we testify about our miracle, the response of some is "I wonder what it really was?"
Like Gideon, Many of us wonder what else could have given us the same result that we pray for. Gideon asked for a dry fleece. Then thought about it and realized that it could, just conceivably, been caused naturally. 
Instead of playing the game of trying to come up with other reasons for our "miracle", why not just give God the glory. 
The devil wants us to "reason" things out. To think of other ways our "miracle" could have happened. 
Maybe that is why the scripture tells us "..in all things, give thanks."
How many miracles have we robbed ourselves of?
We have no doubt in our minds that God miraculously healed my wife, Faith McKay, of breast cancer. We lived for ten days with the knowledge that this horrible disease was in our lives again until we were able to give it completely to God and receive healing.
If you have a story of how God performed a great miracle in your life, or the life of someone you know, Write us and share your experience with all of our ministers at the Bible Way Fellowship.
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