WBWF Online Donation

World Bible Way Fellowship has operated for over 60 years due to the continuing faithfulness of the ministers who are our members.

There has never been a time as important as the days we are in to make a stand. Our ministers are actively making a difference in every part of the World that they serve in. Many of these ministers depend on the World Bible Way Fellowship for their base of support. Our ministers support each other through prayers, financial support, and keeping one another informed.

If you have supported the World BIble Way Fellowship with your regular offerings, Then know that your support is greatly appreciated. If you have not yet made donation to our fellowship, please prayerfully consider doing so. These past few years have been busy ones for our organization. We have added this website as a way to keep one another informed on a daily basis. 

This website has ministers who list their prayer request and needs. We have ministers who list thier ministry needs as well as positions they are needing filled or are willing to fill.

In response to the many requests we have received for an easier way to give tithes and offerings, the World Bible Way Fellowship, Inc. is now accepting your donations online. Simply complete the easy to use form below, and your donation can go to work immediately.

As many of you are already aware, WBWF, Inc. only operates through the faithful men and women and their churches/ministries that make up our organization. It is through the renewal fees and the faithful tithes/offerings you give that keep the Fellowship going. The leadership of World Bible Way Fellowship work hard at being good stewards with the money you donate to accomplish God's work.

Please continue to pray that God blesses our organization. Like every ministry everywhere, this fellowship is challenged by the cost increases that we all face every day. If the Holy Spirit moves you to make a donation, you may continue to do so the good old fashion way, or you may give through our website. Either way, your donations are always appreciated.God bless you for your faithfulness.

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