"I know my master's voice!.."

          With this powerful word, Rev. Rory Cobbs, Pastor of New Beginings Worship center In Bellevue, Nebraska, closed the 2017 conference for the World Bible Way Fellowship. Rory spoke of how God brought them from a small group meeting in his living room, to the point of using every room in his house, and ending up owning an entire building in downtown. The key was knowing how to follow God's direction in our lives, and knowing our Master's voice.
           The conference opened Wednesday, June 22nd at Harvest Time Revival Center in Waco, Texas. Pastor Daron Farmer started with an explosive sermon on following God's directions, even if it leads you through a fiery furnace, as it did with the Hebrew children coming out better than they went in, discovering the Lord was with them when things got the hottest. The good folks at Harvest Time showed their love for their pastor and their Church by enthusiastically supporting the conference. 
           Thursday June 23rd, Rev. Bryan Chance from Bible Way Tabernacle in Balch Springs, Texas shared the responsibility of the Shepards to open the gate, giving direction, to one way to one God. 
            Mary Ann Cassidy led the afternoon service sharing her lifetime of experience as a missionary to many nations. Mary Ann spoke of the importance of obedience, saying its important that we follow God's lead rather than place self imposed limits as to what we are willing to do and where we are willing to go. As with everyone who spoke, Mary Ann shared the importance of seeking God's direction in our lives. The theme of direction was given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit to Dr. Howe several months ago as he sought God's guidance on the upcoming conference. Most important is that we understand God's direction in our lives by knowing our Master's voice.

Dr. Kenny Howe: When Prophecy Becomes History!

Kenny Howe
Dr. Kenny Howe, president of World Bible Way Fellowship, on the return of our Saviour.

Were you there?

This is the year for you to come to the conference. Every year you say "I missed it this time, but I will make it next year!"
Were you there? Did you get blessed? Did the Holy Spirit meet you there? Did you connect with a fellow minister?
Every minister is concerned about apathy in the Church. We all pray for revival in God's house. We all want more of the Holy Spirit in our meetings.
The one place you can control this is by example. If ministers get together and worship together, can any good come out of it?
We are exressly told to encourage the coming together of believers. How much more important is it for ministers to come together? The great Asuza street revival was foreshadowed by a previous meeting of MINISTERS in Houston and Kansas.  
Call for Fellowship!
Its time for ministers around the country to call for fellowship with other like minded preachers, pastors, singers in YOUR area!
If you want fellowship, if you believe it can make a difference for ministers to get together, If you think revival can start with ministers who desire revival, let us know.

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