Dr. Kenny Howe: When Prophecy Becomes History!

Kenny Howe
Dr. Kenny Howe, president of World Bible Way Fellowship, on the return of our Saviour.


                                            We learn  early in life that things are not always what we would like them to be.  Our lives cannot be all joy and happiness; at times, each of us must know discouragements, disappointments and many things that bring sorrow and heartache.  But, isn’t it wonderful the Lord knows and understands all our feelings?  My cup overflows in the mountain top experience which our loving Father sends.  Then there are times when I must descend into the valley.  But I never walk those valleys alone, for He is beside me each step of the way.  When the pressures of life crowd around me, I know that God is greater than any problem I have.  In times of despair that seem insurmountable, I am afraid.  God is aware of these frailties of mine and I am so glad He looks beyond the fears and sees my need.  He doesn’t ask me to be perfect; I can only trust Him as a little child and lean on His everlasting arms.  And yet knowing this, many times I fail Him.  Even rebel at times.  But He never leaves!  I wonder at His infinite patience with me.  He could so easily turn away, but instead He forgives.  Such love is truly divine.  I can say with the Psalmist of old, “My cup runneth over”.  Be blessed today.   


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